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Diamondbacks and Tigers and Garters, Oh my!

I had an opportunity recently to show one of my favorite local herping spots to an old/new friend. He had been into reptiles several years ago, and is now recently getting back into reptiles with his sons. We have begun … Continue reading

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Summer upland desert night drive

I had the opportunity this past weekend to hit a somewhat local spot that I have been meaning to hunt for many years. It is in a mountainous area that is out of the lower desert where temperatures are a … Continue reading

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Early June rainstorm night hike

We have been exceptionally blessed this year with excellent herping weather. I just wish that I had more time available that I could put towards field herping. Life is continually busier and filled with additional responsibilities (which isn’t necessarily a … Continue reading

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Sonoran Desert Reptile Hike March 2015

I had the chance along with my best bud to get out on a hike to enjoy nature and to look for reptiles. As were driving to our hiking spot, we each made guesses as to what we would find … Continue reading

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US Fish and Wildlife abuse of power

This past Friday the Boa Constrictor was at risk of being classified as an “injurious” species and restricted from further interstate commerce. Four large constrictors were added to the list (Reticulated Python, and a few varieties of Anacondas), but luckily … Continue reading

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Phoenix Reptile Show Repticon 2015

I went out to the Phoenix Repticon reptile show down at the Arizona Fair Grounds this weekend. The show was much smaller than I thought it would be, not nearly as large as the Tucson Reptile Show or the ARBA … Continue reading

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Central Arizona February 2015 Hike, Patch Nosed Snake

I went on a short 3 mile hike with my daughter and neice today. The weather is very nice this time of year, in mid February. Temperatures were in the low 80’s today. At this time of year reptiles are … Continue reading

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Feeling the need to warm up, like this Blacktailed Rattlesnake!

Happy New Year! It is very cold over here in Arizona so far in 2015! We had snow in some of the cooler parts of the Phoenix area. We decided to head up in search of snow on New Years … Continue reading

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