Monsoon Cruise…

Last night some storms came in and me and my wife went out to see what we could turn up. There was a bit too much rain for my liking, and apparently for the snakes too… We did turn up a Kingsnake and a Western Diamondback. Here is a photo of the Diamondback:

Western Diamonback on branch

Looking forward to the Arizona Monsoon…..

Well, the air is becoming more humid and we are starting to see clouds forming in the evenings and have had a few mild dust storms. The monsoons are on their way. I can’t wait until they hit. I plan on making a few small side trips and at least one large trip during this time. I just love the smell of rain in the desert and the reptiles that the moisture brings out. Hopefully we can find some nice critters over the next several weeks.

We are still a few days to weeks off from the first clutch of snakes hatching too! What a wonderful time of year!

Current egg count

I checked the snake room this afternoon and found 7 more eggs, this time from a pretty California Kingsnake. The eggs all look good, nice and white. The female looks to be in good condition too, which is a definite plus. That brings the current egg count to 111 eggs. We still have another clutch or two left for this season and one female rosy boa that should give birth to a handful of babies. We did good on the cornsnakes this year, but not so good on the kingsnakes, only getting 7 california kingsnake eggs, 3 gray banded kingsnake eggs, and 3 desert kingsnake eggs. We are only a few weeks away from the hatching of the first clutch of 2006!