More Eggs from the Cornsnakes – 2006

Well, the snakes have been busy this week. We had a young female creamsicle corns lay her first clutch of eggs on May 16th. I wasn’t expecting her to lay very many, but she surprised me with 16 eggs! Last Saturday, our Anerythristic female laid 15 eggs. Our albino female laid eggs on Wednesday but I havent taken pictures of those yet. Here are the pictures of the young creamsicle female with her eggs, and the Anerythristic female with her eggs:

 Creamsicle Corn Snake with her first clutch of eggs.

Anerythristic Corn Snake with eggs.

Greater Short Horned Lizard

I went up near Payson, AZ today to do a service project with the Boy Scouts. I was sure that someone would turn up a snake… I was wrong. No snakes, but we did find this Short Horned Lizard. I love these guys! :

Southern Arizona – April 2006

We had a great trip to Southern Arizona a couple of weeks ago. Its good to be outdoors and see nature! Here are some pics from our outing:



























Western Diamondback















Sonoran Lyre Snake











Mojave Rattle Snake