More Eggs from the Cornsnakes – 2006

Well, the snakes have been busy this week. We had a young female creamsicle corns lay her first clutch of eggs on May 16th. I wasn’t expecting her to lay very many, but she surprised me with 16 eggs! Last Saturday, our Anerythristic female laid 15 eggs. Our albino female laid eggs on Wednesday but I havent taken pictures of those yet. Here are the pictures of the young creamsicle female with her eggs, and the Anerythristic female with her eggs:

 Creamsicle Corn Snake with her first clutch of eggs.

Anerythristic Corn Snake with eggs.

Python vs Alligator

I know snakes can eat items much bigger around than they are, but this is ridiculous.  Click on the photo to see it larger.


Greater Short Horned Lizard

I went up near Payson, AZ today to do a service project with the Boy Scouts. I was sure that someone would turn up a snake… I was wrong. No snakes, but we did find this Short Horned Lizard. I love these guys! :

Southern Arizona – April 2006

We had a great trip to Southern Arizona a couple of weeks ago. Its good to be outdoors and see nature! Here are some pics from our outing:



























Western Diamondback















Sonoran Lyre Snake











Mojave Rattle Snake

Spider vs. Snake

Perhaps this is the guy that bit spiderman.  From this quote it surely has super strength.

“She also kept lifting it higher off the ground, while continually snacking on it.”


- ADPace

First Corn Snake Eggs of 2006!!!

I opened up the lay box of our original female Creamsicle Cornsnake a few days ago and took these pictures. 18 eggs total !! The egg season is underway !!

Creamsicle Mother 2006

Inaugural Post

For my inaugural post I decided to link to some photos from a nature photo blog named Middle-Fork.

Western Fence Lizard – here and here

Oregon Red-Spotted Garter Snake – here, here, and here

Gopher Snake – here

Western Pond Turtle – here

- ADPace